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The Acnos SoncaMedia KB-43-OPT KBeatBox is a Powered Karaoke Speaker (150 Watts RMS) like no other we have with a massive 15" Woofer powered by the Premium TAS Amplifier all encased in an ultra-heavy duty timber case with road case style roll around wheels, complete with 2 UHF Wireless Microphones.

Suitable for indoors and out, as this unit has an internal rechargeable battery for up to 5 hours playback. It comes with a mains power adapter, full function and mini remote controls.

It comes with Free access to the Acnos Cloud Based App so you can select from thousands of Vietnamese (15,000), Chinese (7455), Philippines (1889) and English (6873) Karaoke Songs as well as 15,000 Vietnamese Karaoke Songs on USB (for off-line content). Connect up to 8 different mobile devices (Apple/Android) be it your tablet or mobile phone to select songs and view the on-screen lyrics on your mobile devices.

The KB43-OPT system can also output the Vietnamese on-screen karaoke visuals and lyrics (from Cloud/USB) to your TV via HDMI or RCA (yellow) and you can even connect your Smart TV directly via the Optical Audio Input.

Sing-along to YouTube content via the Ancos SoncaMedia APP's via your internet enabled device.

We have thousands of professional English Karaoke Songs in MP4 to download complete with on-screen lyrics and vocal singer on/off assist (MPX) available.

Bluetooth Audio Stream from your Phone/Tablet/Smart TV and Sing-along to Karaoke App's, Spotify, Youtube or Play MP3 audio songs from USB.

Connect other devices like the Sonken MP4000, Miic Star MS-62 or Magic Sing Karaoke Systems to play through this amazing portable sound system.

CB vs KB Series: The CB-43G model requires internet connection via your mobile device or WIFI hot spot in order to access Vietnamese Cloud Based App for Song Streaming Service.

The KB-43-OPT is the top model in the "43" series and can use either the Cloud Based App for Songs or comes with off line access to Vietnamese songs via USB Memory stick and can also output karaoke lyrics to your TV via HDMI or Composite Video (Yellow) connection as well as your mobile devices.

KB-43-OPT Features:

  • 15" Woofer Premium TAS Amplifier 150 Watts (RMS) Music Power Output.
  • Matt Black Finish Heavy Duty Timber Case on 4 Wheels.
  • 2 UHF Wireless Microphones, 2x Wired Microphone Inputs (6.35mm).
  • Offline USB with 15,000 Vietnamese Songs.
  • WIFI Connectivity up to 8 devices (Phone/Tablet).
  • Acnos App Cloud Karaoke Streaming Service.
  • Mains Power and up to 5 Hour Rechargeable Battery, also supports 12 Volt DC.
  • Music / Microphone / Bass / Treble and Echo Volume Controls.
  • Bluetooth, MP3 (USB).
  • Optical Audio Input for Smart TV.
  • Stereo Audio In/Output (RCA).
  • HDMI Video Output.
  • Composite Video Output (RCA).
  • KTV & MP3 Remote Controls.
  • Portable 33kg unit with Carry Handle/Wheels - 46cm (W) 45cm (D) 67m (H) without wheels attached.
  • 12 Months Warranty.
  • Free Shipping in Australia.

Pictured Smart TV / Tablet / Phones are not included.

Smart TV Connection: The KB-43-OPT model doesn't require the external Smart TV Optical/Coaxial to RCA Audio Converter (DAC) as it features a direct optical audio input for your Smart TV.

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