ACNOS Mi-30 Compact Portable Karaoke Mixer + 2 UHF Wireless Microphones + Carry Bag

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This is the ACNOS SoncaMedia Mi-30 Compact Karaoke Mixer (Made in Vietnam) but don't let it's size fool you, as this unit is simply amazing.

It has it all, and then some... and unlike most, if not all mixers out there this unit also comes with 2x Professional UHF Wireless Microphones (676.0MHz - 693.0MHz) which alone are worth the asking price.

Connect the ACNOS Mi-30 Karaoke Mixer to any device (Smart TV, ACNOS Karaoke HDD [KM-8 / SK-9018 Plus], Phone, Tablet or Laptop) and you can then sing-along with the 2x included UHF Wireless Microphones.

You have multiple input sources Bluetooth, Optical Input, AUX, MP3 (USB) and even a Guitar Input.

Use your Smart Phone or Tablet with the free ACNOS Karaoke Cloud App^ to play Vietnamese Karaoke Songs, the APP is also YouTube enabled.

Bluetooth Audio Stream from your Phone/Tablet/Smart TV/Laptop and Sing-along to YouTube, Apple Music Sing, Spotify, Other Karaoke Apps or Karaoke Streaming Services, you can even play MP3 audio songs from USB Memory Stick.

You can also connect your Smart TV via Optical Audio cable to play the sound through the Mi-30 and Sing-along.

Output the Audio from the ACNOS Mi-30 to your Amplifier or Powered Speaker using the included Line to RCA Cable (Red/White) and your done.

Presented in a very stylish high gloss black finish with brushed aluminum level controls.

Audio Sources:

  • Bluetooth 5.0.
  • Optical Audio Input (From Your Smart TV).
  • AUX Stereo Audio Input.
  • USB (MP3 Audio).
  • Guitar Input.


  • Mode Button: Bluetooth, Optical, AUX, USB, Guitar.
  • Microphone 1 & 2 Independent Volume Controls.
  • Microphone (Shared) - Bass / Treble / Echo / Reverb Controls.
  • Music - Bass / Treble / Volume.
  • Music - Master Volume Control.
  • FBX - Microphone Feedback Cancellation.
  • FBX - Also for next track selection (USB) MP3 Audio Playback.
  • ACNOS - Cloud Karaoke APP^
  • (Vietnamese Songs + YouTube)

Rear Connection Ports:

  • USB Port for MP3 Audio Playback.
  • Fine Tuning Microphone Effects: Delay - Repeat - Mid-Sound Controls.
  • Microphone Jack (6.35mm) Raw Signal Output Jack.
  • Guitar Jack (6.35mm).
  • 3.5mm Aux Stereo Audio Input.
  • 3.5mm Aux Stereo Audio Output.
  • Optical Audio Input (From Your Smart TV).
  • DC USB-C 5V-1A Power Socket.

Included Accessories:

  • 2x UHF Wireless Microphones (Aluminum Body).
  • - MIC: 1 (CH-A): 676 - 684 MHz- MIC 2: (CH-B) 685 - 693 MHz.
  • 4x AAAA Batteries.
  • USB-C to USB Connector Cable (Power).
  • - Powered via USB Port (5V-1A) - PSU not included with Mi-30.
  • 1x Line to Line (3.5mm) Stereo Audio Cable.
  • 1x Line (3.5mm) to RCA (Red/White) Stereo Audio Cable.
  • 1x ACNOS Black Carry Bag.
  • Ultra Portable:
  • - 520 grams with 4x rubber feet - 23cm (W) 7cm (D) 5cm (H).
  • Made in Vietnam.

^ The ACNOS Karaoke Cloud App is compatible with iPhone and iPad and Android phones only, Android tablets are not compatible. A single Bluetooth connection between the Mi-30 and your mobile device (whilst connected to the internet) is required for the ACNOS Cloud Karaoke App to function.

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