All products sold by Karaoke Home Entertainment are covered by the manufacturers 1 year warranty* period which commences from the original invoice or purchase date.

The Sonken MP-4000 Karaoke Machine exclusively has a 2 year warranty* period from the original invoice or purchase date.

Karaoke Home Entertainment happily provides support for all our products by phone, email and via online chat during normal business hours.

We also have an extensive range of Karaoke How To Guides to assist you with trouble shooting, set-up of equipment and how to use specific features on systems, most of which are 100% free to download or are available for a small service charge.

Specialist assistance and support is also available for more detailed matters which are billed at hourly rates should that be required, i.e. for Karaoke Laptop Song installation etc.

* Terms and Conditions: General wear and tear is excluded from the warranty offered during the course of normal usage as is any and all forms of user damage or misuse causing damage including but not limited to the leaving of AA or AAA batteries in a Remote Controls or in Wireless Microphones for a long period of time, which can cause damage from battery acid leakage, which is not covered by any manufacturers warranty and we strongly recommend removing these types of batteries when not in use.

Microphones which have been damaged due to mishandling or dropping are also not covered under any manufacturers warranty and we strongly recommend you store you microphones carefully and to use Microphone Socks and Anti-Roll Table Stands to protect your microphones from damage as they can be expensive to replace.

The warranty period covers electronic parts and labour to repair any faulty product, it does not cover transportation to or from Karaoke Home Entertainment or in some cases directly to or from the manufacturer, and does not cover any rechargeable batteries which maybe included in the product purchased.

Any and all rechargeable batteries which are inside in devices like Karaoke Powered Speakers or Wireless Microphones have a separate 3 month from original invoice or purchase date warranty period as the duty of care and responsible maintenance usage falls to that of the purchaser as outlined below.

Rechargeble Battery products need to be regularly used (at least monthly) to ensure the battery does not discharge to a point where it can no-longer be recharged, and they should be recharged immediately after being used to ensure your device will have a long healthy battery life cycle.

Failing to charge the battery after use will more than likely deplete the battery to a point where it will not be able to be recovered, especially if left uncharged for a long period of time.

The average recharging time is between 3 to 5 hours sometimes longer if the device has been fully discharged, we do not recommend leaving any device on charge overnight unsupervised and should be only done during the day where you can monitor it for safety purposes.

Rechargeble Battery products such as Karaoke Powered Speakers are soley designed to be used and powered by the internal rechargeble battery and should never be switched on or used on whilst connected to the mains power.

The mains power connection is only to used when the device is switched off, otherwise this can cause the device to over heat or burn out causing damage to the electronic boards inside and or the rechargeble battery itself, and will void the manufactures warranty in its entirety.

If you discover your device only functions whilst connected to the mains power, then the battery has fully discharged to the point where it now requires immediate replacement, do not use the device under any circumstances continuously whilst connected to the mains power.

You can do a quick two minute test to confirm this by connecting the mains power to the device, then switch it on and then whilst playing it, remove the mains power from the device, if it dies immediately then the battery more than likely needs to be replaced.

Though we would recommend you attempt a long charge 8 to 12 hours under supervision to see if the battery can be recovered, repeat the test if it stays on for longer, you might be able to fully recover the battery with additonal periods of charging, though we would recommend a few hours downtime between recharging periods to avoid over heating.

Replacement batteries are readily available from local sources and online, each battery has its own unique specification requirement which is printed on it and can be self installed with minimal tools and will not void your warranty, providing the same type of specificaton replacement battery is installed.

Wireless Microphones: Wireless Receiver units (Ezy Microphones) which contain a rechargeable battery must be disconnected from the microphone jack port and the receiver must be switch off before you connect the USB charging cable.

Connect the USB charging cable from the receiver to a spare USB port on a device like a PC or Laptop you can also use a Mobile Phone USB Charger.

These units will need to be switch on so that the battery can recharge, this will take anywhere from 1 to 5 hours depending how depleted the battery has become.

Important: Make sure that battery has not been previously removed and then re-inserted back in the wrong way as it will not charge.

The Sonken MP-4000 or Max Karaoke Machines USB ports cannot be used for charging purposes.


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