Karaoke Home Entertainment Australia offers a range of Karaoke Products for sale via the No.1 Marketplace in New Zealand being Trademe.co.nz with orders shipping either same or next business day with tracking numbers for all purchases.

We do this to simplify the shopping process for our customers as all goods purchased via Trademe.co.nz are priced in $NZD and have the 15% NZ GST included in the purchase price.

This makes for carefree seamless transaction as goods will not be held up in customs for days on end awaiting GST or duties to be additionally paid by you, the receiver.

All our products sold via Trademe also include free shipping direct to your door with deliveries ranging from 7 to 28 days via air freight. (See listings for specific estimate)

Via Trademe.co.nz you also have several payment options including AfterPay.

Unfortunately we are not able to offer all our entire Australian range due to logistics and shipping costs, though we are happy to quote you on a case by case basis, as we have done for other customers.

Some items are available to directly order from this website (www.khe.com.au) with direct shipping to you in New Zealand, you will be charged in NZD $ and will be Australian GST Free, however please note your goods maybe subject to NZ GST and Customs Duties upon arrival in New Zealand, this process via Trademe is all inclusive to avoid any such delays.

You can contact KHE via telephone on 00 613 8900 9640 or via email at info@khe.com.au

Sonken Pro Karaoke Machine MP4000

2 Year Exclusive Warranty on this top of the range karaoke system which plays CD+G, DVD, VCD, CD, DVD Movies and Karaoke Digital Songs in MP3+G Format. We have fantastic packaged deals with Microphones and Songs!

Ready to Play out of the box Karaoke Laptop System with PCDJ Karaoki Installed

Looking for a complete solution ready to play straight out of the box with thousands of Professional Karaoke Songs on a brand new Laptop with the best hosting software ready do your first show with PCDJ Karaoki ?

Then look no further as this offer includes everything done for you, all the software installed and ready to play delivered direct to your door.
Professional UHF Wireless Microphones
You want the best sounding microphones for your performance then check out the fantastic range from Sonken Karaoke, our Wireless Systems let you add on so you can have either 2 or 4 singers at the same time, for home or commercial operations.

We even bundle these Wireless Microphones with our Sonken MP4000 Karaoke Machine deals for even better deal for you!
Vietnamese Karaoke Hard Drive Systems + Cloud Karaoke

Acnos Soncamedia presents the KM-8 Karaoke Hard Drive System which feature Vietnamese Karaoke Songs and English Karaoke Songs.

You can also download Philippines and Chinese Songs from Acnos Karaoke Cloud to your KM-8. Plus the KM-8 is also YouTube enabled so you can sing-along to YouTube Karaoke songs as well.

The Acnos APP enables you to connect your Phone or Tablet to select your songs to be played and up to 8 devices can be connected at the same time.

Connect this to your Home Theatre System or Amplifier and Speakers and connect to your TV for the Ultimate Karaoke Experience at home.

Don't have Microphone inputs then add on the Acnos Mi-30 Portable Mixer and you can add all the effects to your 2 Wireless Microphones included.

The Mi-30s also works on its own and also supports the Acnos Cloud Karaoke Service and can be use with other Karaoke Apps and even your Smart TV.

ACNOS Mi-30s Karaoke Mixer and Wireless Microphones


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