What is a Karaoke Powered Speaker? Well it's a very popular all-in-one device for Singing Karaoke, Listening to Music and even for Public Speaking.

Our customers are enjoying them at Home in Hotel Function Rooms, in the great Outdoors, on Party Buses and Boats, in Churches, Hospitals and Schools.

A Karaoke Powered Speaker features...

  • Audio Amplifier
  • Music Speakers
  • 2 Wireless Microphones
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • AUX Input (for Karaoke Machine)
  • MP3 Audio Playback (From USB)
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Optical Input for your Smart TV**
  • Guitar Input**

Karaoke Powered Speaker lets you Bluetooth stream Audio from your chosen device;

  • Phone
  • Tablet
  • Laptop
  • Smart TV*

Then you can stream from Karaoke App's, YouTube or Spotify and Sing-along with the included Wireless Microphones.

Don't want to sing? Just stream and listen to your favourite songs, you can also play MP3 audio songs from USB Memory stick.

On selected models you can utilize your Smart TV's optical audio output to play your TV's audio through the Karaoke Powered Speaker and sing-along.

Apart from the physical size of the Karaoke Powered Speaker we have systems in range of different audio power outputs, depending on your requirements.

They all portable in nature so you can take them anywhere as they are powered by a internal rechargeable battery providing between 3 and 5 hours playback time before needing to be recharged.

Some customers purchase a Karaoke Powered Speaker in conjunction with a Karaoke Machine; like the Sonken MP4000 which gives them access to professional karaoke songs (Download or Disc) so they can play the audio through the Powered Speaker and sing-along with the included Wireless Microphones, then outputting the karaoke lyrics to there TV.

So apart from choosing which power output you require there a few other features that might take your interest which will determine the best model for you.

Popular Features:

  • Plastic or Timber Cases / Bodies
    (Timber provides a deeper Bass response)
  • AUX Audio Input (Stereo RCA)^^
  • AUX Audio Output (Stereo RCA)
  • AUX Audio Input (Stereo Line Jack)
  • Microphone; Echo, Bass & Treble
  • Music; Bass & Treble
  • Bluetooth Connectivity*
  • MP3 Audio Playback (From USB/SD Card)
  • 12 Volt Connectivity
  • Guitar Input
  • Optical Audio Input (For Smart TV^)
  • Included Karaoke Cloud App (KBeatBox Models**)

* Check your device is Bluetooth compatible before purchasing.

** On Selected Models Only

The KBeatBox Series is a Premium brand of Karaoke Powered Speakers encased in Timber bodies and high end finishes with amazing sound quality.

They also come with a Free Karaoke Cloud App featuring over 40,000 Vietnamese Karaoke Songs, but can be used with any other Karaoke App, Streaming Service and YouTube.

^ Feeds the audio from your Smart TV via optical cable in to the Karaoke Powered Speaker, use this connection if your TV doesn't have Bluetooth.

If the model you like doesn't have Optical Input as Standard you can purchase a optional DAC "Digital to Analog Converter" to output the TV sound from Optical into a RCA Stereo Input on the Karaoke Powered Speaker

^^ Let's you connect a Karaoke Machine/System like the Sonken MP4000Karaoke Hard Drive or Karaoke Laptop System to play the audio through and sing-a-long.


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