Sonken WM-800D Series (Optional) 2x Wireless Body Packs and 2x Headset Microphones

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This is the Optional Wireless Body Pack + Headset Microphone for the Sonken WM-800D Series (555.80Mhz + 523.80Mhz) UHF Wireless Professional Microphones and Receiver unit.

For these 2x Body Pack and 2x Headset to work you must first purchase the WM-800D Series Wireless Microphone Set.

The Body Packs are fixed frequency (555.80Mhz + 523.80Mhz) like the hand held microphones and requires 2x AA Batteries in each to function and also displays the MHz Frequency on the LCD display on the Body Pack.

The Optional Wireless Body Pack and Headset Unit for the WM-800D Series enables you to be hands free when singing or speaking, please note that when in use the Wireless Body Pack unit will take the place of one hand set microphone, as only (any) two microphones can be used at the same time.


  • 2x UHF Wireless Body Pack Unit (555.80Mhz + 523.80Mhz) with Frequency Display (Plastic Body).
  • 2x Head Set Microphone (with cable to connect to Body Pack).

Picture for Illustration Purposes Only, does not included WM-800 Receiver or 2x Hand Held Microphones, sold separately.

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