ACNOS KM-8 Vietnamese Karaoke 2TB Hard Drive System (43,000 Songs) (WIFI) (YOUTUBE)

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The KM-8 is WIFI enabled and has inbuilt 2TB Karaoke Hard Drive System by ACNOS Sonca Media comes complete with over 43,000 Vietnamese Songs (including 6,000 English) pre-installed, comes with instructions on how to install thousands of extra songs from ACNOS SoncaMedia, you can also download thousands of Chinese songs to the system.

Connect the KM-8 to your home internet connection for regular song updates from ACNOS Sonca Media and so you can also play songs from YouTube.

You can connect up to 8 different mobile devices all at the same time with the ACNOS Connect APP (Free from Apple/Android App Stores) to select songs and view the on-screen lyrics on your device.

This means one person can be singing a song, viewing the lyrics on their device, whilst someone else is looking for a song to sing next.

You can also output the on-screen karaoke visuals and lyrics to your TV via HDMI or the RCA (yellow) connection.

Simply connect the KM-8 to a Karaoke Mixing Amplifier and Speaker System to Sing-Along, or get a Karaoke Mixer for your existing Home Theatre System so you can connect some Microphones.

Easy to connect and setup in minutes comes with optical mouse for the setup process to connect to your WIFI etc.

KM-8 Features:

  • 2 TB Hard Drive Installed.
  • 43,000+ Vietnamese Karaoke Songs with some English songs included.
  • WIFI Enabled with Antenna.
  • Linked to YouTube (WIFI/Ethernet Connection Required).
  • Ethernet Socket.
  • USB Wireless Mouse included for Song Selection and Setup. 
  • 2x USB Ports.
  • Stereo Audio Output (RCA) / (Stereo RCA Cable Included).
  • HDMI Video Output (Cable Included) / 4K UHD.
  • Composite Video Output (RCA).
  • OPTIONAL: KTV Full Function Remote Control. (Pictured but Sold Separately)
  • Compact 2.4kg unit - 27cm (W) 20cm (D) 4.5cm (H).

Tablet / Phones / KTV Remote not included.

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