15.6" Karaoke Touch Screen System (Android OS + WIFI + Bluetooth + YouTube)

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Karaoke Home Entertainment presents the KTV-Touch!

Take your Karaoke to the next level with this amazing 15.6" Free Standing Android Tablet which sits nicely on top of your KBEATBOX Karaoke Sound Systems like the (CB-4051-MAX, CBX-150G, KB-43S, CBZ-16GN and CB-56GD*) or similar big box models from KBEATBOX which all include 2 Wireless Microphones as standard.

Can also be used with other sound systems though it will need to have its own microphone inputs, plus you will require audio inputs AUX (Line or RCA) (Cables Sold Separately) or Bluetooth connectivity.  If you don't have microphone inputs then you will require a Mixer like ACNOS Mi-30s (Sold Separately) which also includes 2 UHF Wireless Microphones, this will enable the sound to flow via AUX or Bluetooth from the Android KTV into Mi-30s (combined with Microphone Vocals) out to your Sound Systems AUX input.

Imagine the KTV-Touch sitting on your KBEATBOX Karaoke System displaying the Karaoke Lyrics so everyone can easily see and singing along, you can even output the video to even larger TV or Video Projector, via the HDMI Mini Port.

If you want to use the HDMI port you will need the optional (pictured) Male to Female (HDMI Mini to HDMI Cable Adapter) and a standard HDMI cable.

We also have extra long HDMI Cables in 5m and 15m lengths as well.

Enjoy the big 15.6" Touch Screen for playing Karaoke Apps, YouTube Karaoke, Watching Movies, Games, Browse the Internet or anything else you want to do.

The KTV-Touch System also supports Karaoke CD+G song files in digital form (MP3+G) when using the WinLive Pro Karaoke Mobile App this can be purchased from the Google Play Store for $14.99~, then you can access your MP3+G Songs from either SD Card or USB Memory Stick and view the songs from the Apps menu for fast playback, this App also supports Key and Tempo Change amongst many other features.

Also supports playback of Karaoke MP4 Songs from the MicroSD (TF) Card Slot or USB Memory Stick via the File Manager App or download a Karaoke APP that supports MP4 from the Google Play Store.

The KTV-Touch 15.6" Android Tablet is mains powered and once connected to your WIFI and Paired to the KBEATBOX's Bluetooth simply sign-in or create a Google Account to commence installing the Karaoke Apps of your choice from the Play Store.

Complete packaged deals including the KTV Touch Screen along with either the KBEATBOX CBX-150G {100 Watts}, CBZ-16GN {150 Watts} or CB-56GD {200 Watts} All-In-One Amplifier and Speaker Systems which include 2 UHF Wireless Microphones are also available from Karaoke Home Entertainment.

You can even have 4 singers at the same time with the CBZ-16GN and CB-56GD models.

Plus we even include the HDMI Mini Adapter, 15m HDMI Cable and Microphone Anti-Roll Stands as well in the packaged deals.

KTV-Touch Specifications:

  • Quad Core Cortex A17, 1.8G, RK3288.
  • Resolution: 1920*1080, 15.6".
  • Dimensions: 39cm Wide, 24cm High, 14.5cm Deep, Weighs: 958 Grams.
  • Colour: White.
  • 2x Internal Speakers.
  • 10-Point Capactive Touch.
  • Ram 2GB / Internal Memory 16GB.
  • 2.0 M/P, Front Camera with Microphone.
  • RJ45 Ethernet 100M/1000M.
  • WIFI 802.11b/g/n.
  • Bluetooth 4.0.
  • HDMI (Mini) Port.
  • Micro SD Card Slot (64GB Max).
  • Serial Port (RS232).
  • USB 2.0 (64GB Max).
  • 3.5mm Headphone Jack.
  • Mains Powered Only (12v Adapter Included).

* The Android KTV is pictured throughout (for illustration purposes only) with the KBEATBOX CB-56GD Karaoke Powered Speaker which is sold separately, but not included here in this listing. If you require a sound system see our separate Packaged Deals featuring the Android KTV with either the KBEATBOX CBX-150G, CBZ-16GN or CB-56GD which all include 2 UHF Wireless Microphones as standard.

~ App price subject to change see Google Play Store, this is an optional Karaoke App purchase for the playback of MP3+G Karaoke songs (only if required), KHE do not provide any user support for this App, please contact the makers Promusic Software via the App.

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