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This is the flagship Sonken MP4000 Professional Karaoke Machine (SRP $349.99) and is feature packed with cool features like Karaoke Bluetooth Streaming with Vocal Record to USB, HDMI Connectivity, MP3+G Song Book Creator, 4x Microphone Inputs, Digital Key Control and much more. (Click Read More Button)

It's easy to use and also plays Karaoke CD+G, DVD, VCD discs and MP3+G (Downloads) Karaoke Songs from USB or SD Card and you will see the on-screen lyrics on your TV.

When streaming via Bluetooth (audio only) from devices, like mobile phones, tablets or smart TV's, and singing-along through the MP4000 you are viewing any visuals (lyrics/videos) on your chosen device which is then streaming the audio through the MP4000, you can even record your performance back to the USB memory stick.

MP4000 Features:

  • CD+G, DVD, VCD & CD Disc Playback.
  • MP3+G Playback & Record From USB/SD.
  • Bluetooth Audio Streaming (From your Phone/Tablet) with Vocal Record to USB.
  • Fast 4x or 1x Speed CD+G to MP3+G Converting to USB/SD.
  • 2 Wired Microphones with Echo and Tone Control.
  • 4 Microphone Inputs (2 Front/2 Rear).
  • Song Book Creator Feature for MP3+G.
  • Aux (3.5mm Line In), HDMI Output, VGA Output, Component Output, Audio/Video (RCA) Output (Cable Supplied).
  • Key Control.
  • Remote Control.
  • 2.5kg unit, Rack Mountable (Optional Brackets) - 43cm (W) 23cm (D) 5.5cm (H).
  • 2 Years Warranty.
  • Free Shipping in Australia.

Bonus 5 Song Karaoke Download Voucher, so you can sing some of your favourite songs on us.

You can connect the Sonken MP4000 to any television, using either the standard RCA cable or HDMI. For the best audio and vocal results output the audio to your amplifier or a powered speaker, only using your TV to display the on-screen lyrics.

Want better sound than just your television?

Then consider using a Karaoke Powered Speaker like the pictured (right) S-2802 or a Karaoke Mixing Amplifier and Speakers Package for that great venue sound at home.

You can even use your home theatre for improved sound reproduction on 2 channel stereo mode, but sound bars are not recommended. (See Our Essential Buyers Guide for more information)

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Extra $19.99
Pack of 5 Coloured Microphone Socks
Pack of 5 Coloured Microphone Socks

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Extra $59.99
2x Pro Wired Microphones (5m) Cables
2x Pro Wired Microphones (5m) Cables

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Extra $179.99
2x Pro Wireless Microphones (WM2500)
2x Pro Wireless Microphones (WM2500)

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Extra $299.99
Powered Speaker + Bonus 2x Wireless Microphones
Powered Speaker + Bonus 2x Wireless Microphones

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