Sonken WM-4000D + Body Pack Headset - PRO 200 Channel UHF Wireless Microphones (2) + Body Pack & Headset Microphone + Case

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The very latest UHF 200 Channel 100 x 2 (520Mhz to 569Mhz) Professional Commercial Wireless Microphones from Sonken, the 4000D comes complete with two hand held microphones and carry case as standard, also included is the 200 Channel Wireless Body Pack and Head Set Omnidirectional Microphone.

With 100 different frequencies for each microphone you will not conflict with other devices in the same operating space, perfect for commercial environments where you have the need for multiple wireless microphones all operating at the same time without interference.

This offer includes the Wireless Body Pack Receiver with Hands Free Omnidirectional Microphone (Headset), great for public speaking where you need to use your hands.

Great for Karaoke, Musicians, Vocalists, Public Speaking, Live Touring, Mobile DJs, Fitness Training and Large Clubs.

Each microphone has an inbuilt battery tester (each takes 2x AA batteries - 4x included) with microphone on/off switch and LED battery strength indicator. The receiver unit has individual microphone volume controls and dual signal level indicators, on/off power button, fixed front antennas.

You can connect the Sonken 4000D unit directly to either your Karaoke Machine or Karaoke Amplifier microphone input using the Sonken's 4000D mixed 6.35mm microphone output jack (1x cable included) it also has for each microphone independent (A+B) balanced XLR output jacks with dual Squelch adjustment and option for Mixing On/Off all on the rear of the receiver unit.


  • 2x UHF Wireless Microphones (520Mhz to 569Mhz) with 100 Channels for each Microphone.
  • 200 Channel Wireless Body Pack Receiver with Hands Free Omnidirectional Microphone (Headset).
  • 1x Carry Case.
  • 4x AA Batteries (2 for each Microphone).
  • 1x Australian Power Supply.
  • 1x 6.35mm Jack to Jack Cable to carry signal to Microphone Input Jack on Karaoke Machine or Amplifier.
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