Marty Robbins Vol 2 - CD+G - Chartbuster Karaoke

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# - Song Title - In the Style of (Artist)

1 - My Woman My Woman My Wife - Marty Robbins

2 - Padre - Marty Robbins

3 - Return To Me - Marty Robbins

4 - Ribbon Of Darkness - Marty Robbins

5 - Ruby Ann - Marty Robbins

6 - She Was Seventeen He Was One Year More - Marty Robbins

7 - Singing The Blues - Marty Robbins

8 - Some Memories Just Won't Die - Marty Robbins

9 - Stairway Of Love - Marty Robbins

10 - Streets Of Laredo Cowboys Lament - Marty Robbins

11 - The Cowboy In The Continental Suit - Marty Robbins

12 - The Girl With Gardenias In Her Hair - Marty Robbins

13 - Story Of My Life - Marty Robbins

14 - Tonight Carmen - Marty Robbins

15 - Walking Piece Of Heaven - Marty Robbins

This is a CDG/CD+G Karaoke Disc - Featuring on-screen lyrics ONLY when played on a CDG/CD+G compatible player (may also be labelled CD+Graphics), your CD+G player MUST be compatible with custom karaoke CD+G discs (CD-R Media) in order to play this disc correctly, otherwise the lyrics will not display.

This disc can also be played in a normal CD/DVD player as a standard audio CD for use as a backing track.

This disc is a karaoke version and therefore only has guide cover vocals within the chorus line, or where the original artists version had backing vocalists.

You are the performer to sing the main vocal track. If you want a version that has the full guide vocals of someone singing the entire song, you need to look for MPX/Multiplex in the disc title, as these discs will have full guide cover vocals.

All tracks are produced in the style of the artists that made the song famous, and do NOT contain any original artists performances or vocals.

All products sold are brand new, genuine, licensed and royalty paid in Australia through APRA/AMCOS by the manufacturer of this disc.

CD+G cover images are for illustration purposes only, actual covers may vary.

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