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The Song Book Generator
By Karaoke Home Entertainment.

It's a common request and we must get asked about this topic a few times a week, "How can I create a Karaoke song book featuring all my karaoke tracks?"

The problem only gets bigger each time your library grows so does the time you spend looking at the back of CD+G's and DVD's looking for something to sing, when you could be just singing!

Well you have several options...

1. Manually type out your list by artist and song title for each disc and edit it each time you get more songs, we call this the painful approach.

2. If you own either of these Karaoke Machines (Sonken MP600 {with the Song Book Upgrade installed}, Sonken MP2000/4000 or Miic Star MS-62) and you are using MP3+G karaoke songs which are you are playing from a USB Memory Stick or SD Card, then you already have a purpose made internal song book creator.

These systems can automatically create a song book based on the file name of each song contained on the USB or SD Card.

Then each song will have an unique playback number so you just have to key that number to play the song you want.

How good is that!

Keep in mind all songs on a CD+G discs can be converted to play from the USB/SD Card in MP3+G karaoke format, in fact both the Sonken MP600/2000/4000 machines can rip the CD+G discs to the USB or SD Card for you.

So it might be time to upgrade your Karaoke Machine and at the same time convert your CD+G discs to the MP3+G format to modernise your library, all future purchases then can be made on either disc or by digital download from www.karaokemp3g.com.au.

3. Use our online song book generator by just entering in the catalogue numbers as listed on www.khe.com.au of your CD+G or DVD discs and let our database make you a catalogue in seconds for a small yearly subscription fee.

KHE.com.au has developed an online Song Book Generator, check out a sample song book now. This will make everything a whole lot easier and faster.

This simple to use web based khe.com.au program will help you generate your personal song book by artist or song title from any disc in our online database. You can also include any custom discs you have had made in your song book!

It also stores your song book on our online server so you can edit and add to it anytime 24/7, as your song book grows.

Your song book can be a Private or a Public one, if public enabled you can promote Your Song Book to your singers to view your song library online, complete with all your details including your contact name, telephone number, business name and even a web link.

The best part is the Song Book Generator is yours for only $9.99 Per Year that's only $0.83 per month, too easy!
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