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This Chartbusters disc features the Karaoke Version of each song, with backing vocals only in the chorus line.

Add To Cart CCB685 : 15 SONGS : ERA 'COUNTRY'

Song - In the style of
  1   Divers Do It Deeper - David Allan Coe
  2   Hank Williams Junior Junior - David Allan Coe
  3   If That Ain't Country - David Allan Coe
  4   Jack Daniels If You Please - David Allan Coe
  5   Just To Prove My Love For You - David Allan Coe
  6   Long Haired Redneck - David Allan Coe
  7   Mona Lisa Lost Her Smile - David Allan Coe
  8   Now I Lay Me Down To Cheat - David Allan Coe
  9   Tennessee Whiskey - David Allan Coe
  10   The Ride - David Allan Coe
  11   What Made You Change Your Mind - David Allan Coe
  12   Willie Waylon And Me - David Allan Coe
  13   You Never Even Call Me By My Name - David Allan Coe
  14   Get A Little Dirt On Your Hands - Bill Anderson , David Allan Coe
  15   This Bottle (In My Hand) - David Allan Coe , George Jones
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