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This Chartbusters disc features the Karaoke Version of each song, with backing vocals only in the chorus line.

Add To Cart CCB857 : 15 SONGS : ERA '70'

Song - In the style of
  1   Americana - Moe Bandy
  2   Bandy The Rodeo Clown - Moe Bandy
  3   Barstool Mountain - Moe Bandy
  4   Hank Williams You Wrote My Life - Moe Bandy
  5   Here I Am Drunk Again - Moe Bandy
  6   I Cheated Me Right Out Of You - Moe Bandy
  7   I'm Sorry For You My Friend - Moe Bandy
  8   It Was So Easy To Find An Unhappy Woman - Moe Bandy
  9   It's A Cheating Situation - Moe Bandy
  10   She's Not Really Cheating Just Gettin Even - Moe Bandy
  11   Till I'm Too Old To Die Young - Moe Bandy
  12   Two Lonely People - Moe Bandy
  13   Hey Joe Hey Moe - Joe Stampley , Moe Bandy
  14   Holding The Bag - Joe Stampley , Moe Bandy
  15   Just Good Ol Boys - Joe Stampley , Moe Bandy
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