PCDJ Karaoki Hosting Software + 6305 Song Pack

Sale price$1,299.99


With this package deal you get the PCDJ Karaoki hosting software complete with 6,305 karaoke songs (From SBI Karaoke, Sunfly Karaoke, Big Hits Karaoke, NuTech (Multiplex), Sweet Georgia Brown and Karaoke Hits) on CD+G Disc and USB preformatted ready to install on your own laptop pc and use in PCDJ Karaoki in MP3+G format.

Plus we are also including a Bonus 100 Song Karaoke Download Voucher (Valued at $249) from www.picknmix.com.au so you can get extra songs from our library of over 90,000 songs. Plus as an extra Bonus you will also get a 12 Months VIP Membership (Valued at $49.99) this will ensure for the next 12 months you get the very best price on all your download songs.

This gives you a "Foundation Collection", with a ready to print Karaoke Song Book, plus we will also give you the working Excel file for the song book so you can add new songs as you build your library.

3,702 songs are (Multiplex) which means you can sing-along with the cover vocalist, use the (MPX) button to switch on/off the vocals, default setting is on for all these songs.

The Foundation Collection is a library of songs suitable for all audiences, ensuring you have songs that everyone will know and want to sing, which is great place to start.

To help with the installation you also get our step-by-step "Beginners Guide" so you can professionally install your songs and configure them correctly, plus our "10 Minute Expert Guide" on how to convert CDG's into MP3G, plus our how to create a Song Book Guide from PCDJ Karaoki.

All you have to do is install PCDJ Karaoki Software on your Laptop and follow our instructions to install the songs and you'll be up and running in minutes. That's no overstatement either you can load all 6305 songs in under 5 minutes once PCDJ Karaoki is install and the songs have been copied to your hard drive.

Want the full package deal including a brand new laptop? Simply purchase laptop package deal and everything will be fully installed and ready to play the moment you get the system delivered.

Plus you'll receive the full accessory pack consisting of: Laptop Bag, Wireless Mouse, 12 Months Antivirus Software, 3m HDMI Cable, 2M Audio Cable (Laptop to Amplifier).

The PCDJ Karaoki Software including all supplied song content cannot be returned under any circumstances, due to copyright law. All discs supplied must be retained for licensing to be valid.

This entire order will be posted including the registeration key for PCDJ Karaoki Software.

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