Large Tripod Stands (2x) for Sonken CS-250, CS-350, CS-450, CS-600, CS-612 Karaoke Speakers

Sale price$189.99


This is the optional Large Tripod Stands (pair) for the Sonken Karaoke / Music Speakers CS-250, CS-350, CS-450, CS-600 and CS-612 Series.

Just extend the pole to the desired height (max 178cm floor to top) and insert the safety pin and spread the tripod legs so it has a secure standing base.

Attach the included plastic cup-holder brackets to your speakers (no drilling required) as the speakers already have two bolts so you can easily attach.

Then place your speaker on top by inserting the pole into the cup holder and tighten the screw on the cup-holder bracket safely to the pole.

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