At Karaoke Home Entertainment we sell both Karaoke CD+G and Karaoke DVDs. All Karaoke songs are produced in the style of the artists that made the song famous, and do NOT contain any original artists performances or vocals.

You can also create yourself a custom karaoke disc at with just the songs you like or you can Download Songs in the format of MP3+G which is a digital version playable from most modern karaoke machines/systems/players like the Sonken MP4000 from a USB memory stick.

View our range of CD+G Discs or DVD's.


Karaoke CD+G Discs will play in any CD Player (Audio Only) or in a Compatible CD+G Player (like the Sonken MP4000) you will get the on-screen lyrics as well.

Most Karaoke discs are the Standard "Karaoke Version" these feature cover vocalist singer backing in the chorus line only.

If you would like a disc which features the cover vocalist all the way through the song then search our range of "Multiplex" aka "MPX" titles.

With a "Multiplex" or "MPX" Karaoke Discs on a compatible Karaoke Machine like the Sonken MP4000 you can switch On or Off the cover vocalist singer. It's a great way to learn the song before trying it on your own, or for singers who don't want to sing by themselves.


Karaoke DVD's will play in any DVD player, some discs feature a general video clip (non original) and you can also get "Multiplex" aka "MPX" discs which also allow you to switch On or Off the cover vocalist singer.


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