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Sonken Karaoke Mixing Amplifiers 
Sonken Karaoke Speakers

Sonken Amplfier and Speaker Packages

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Wireless Microphones WM-800D, WM-3600 and WM-4000D (All variants)
Karaoke Mixer K-3000
Sonken Mixing Amplifier KA-13 (Both Deals)

KS-361MS > NOW $649.99
CBZ-16GN > NOW $899.99 or $999.99 with extra 2 Wireless Microphones
KB-43S > NOW $999.99 or $1099.99 with extra 2 Wireless Microphones

Sonken MP4000 Karaoke Machine Deals will be auto upgraded from a 5 Song Download Voucher to a 15 Song Voucher which is valued at $52.35.

20% OFF - Karaoke Accessories (Cables etc)*
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CD+G Karaoke Discs (As Priced On Page) CLEARANCE from $7.99 
DVD Karaoke Discs (As Priced On Page) CLEARANCE from $5.99

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