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The ultimate easy to use Sunfly Karaoke Satellite Laptop System, complete with Sunfly's entire library of High Defination (HD) Karaoke Songs.

The Satellite System has been designed to be so user friendly that anyone can use it and ideal for all types hospitality functions so your guests can select a song and sing!

Over 17,000 Karaoke Songs and the best part is you get FREE updates for the next 12 months included or add the option of getting a total of 4 years of latest song updates.

That's 4 years hassle free karaoke singing with all the very latest songs ready to play and sing.

Click to view the current Sunfly Karaoke Song Book. (PDF)

Simply connect the Sunfly Karaoke Satellite Laptop System to your WIFI internet connection and it will automatically sync to Sunfly's database to ensure you are 100% up-date and each time a song is added you get it installed.

Sunfly's simple to use interface means you can select a song and sing in seconds.

Output the Sunfly Karaoke Satellite Laptop via HDMI cable (optional 5m cable) to output the Karaoke Lyrics to your TV or Projector and run the audio through your Amplifier and Speaker System using a Line to RCA Cable (optional 5m cable).

You even get 12 months of Remote Technical Support included. (via the internet)

Exclusive to Karaoke Home Entertainment in Australia and New Zealand and includes free shipping anywhere in Australia or New Zealand, order online or call 1300 550 630 to get your system organised.

Deliveries on average take 7-10 days to arrive once payment has been made in full.

Below as pictured we even offer an Exclusive Add-On Support Package for the Sunfly Karaoke Satellite Laptop System comprising everything you need to complete your Karaoke System.

It comprises; Powered Speaker, Stand, 2 Wireless Microphones, 31" LCD TV Monitor, Printed Song Book, Wired Microphone, Microphone Socks and Anti-Roll Stands, HDMI Cable and Audio Cable plus a Crush / Dust / Water Proof Carry Case to keep your investment safe.

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Extra $1,599.99
Extra 3 Years Auto Songs Updates (total 4 years)
Extra 3 Years Auto Songs Updates (total 4 years)

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Extra $14.99
Laptop to Amplifier Audio Cable
Laptop to Amplifier Audio Cable

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Extra $29.99
Laptop to TV HDMI Video Cable for Singers Lyrics
Laptop to TV HDMI Video Cable for Singers Lyrics


We even offer this exclusive Add-On Package for the Sunfly Karaoke Satellite Laptop System comprising;

  • 1x 100 Watt Powered Speaker System with Bluetooth Streaming, Mains Powered & Rechargeable Battery

  • 1x Single Tripod Stand (for Powered Speaker)

  • 2x Wireless Professional UHF Microphones

  • 1x 31" LCD TV HDMI Monitor

  • 1x Laptop Hard Travel Case (Water / Dust / Crush Proof)

  • 3x Anti Roll Microphone Table Stands

  • 5x Pack of Hygienic Microphone Socks

  • 1x Wired Professional Microphone (5m Cable)

  • 1x 5m HDMI Video Cable (Laptop to 31" LCD Monitor)

  • 1x 5m Audio Cable (Laptop to Powered Speaker)

  • 1x Printed Song Book

This literally gives you everything you need to run a karaoke show.

This is perfect for function rooms, schools, hotels, cruise ships and your new karaoke hire business.

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Delivered Australia wide

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