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This is the Series 2 Max Karaoke - WSS (Wired Screen Share) with it's 15" LCD Screen and 2 UHF Wireless Microphones and internal Amplifier and Speaker which sounds amazing.

It even has an internal rechargeable battery so this is a truly portable unit or use it on the mains power. It has a pull and carry handle and wheels making it easy to move around.

With the Series 2 Max Karaoke - WSS (Wired Screen Share) you first pair via Bluetooth to the Max Karaoke your Mobile Phone or Tablet then connect it via the provided USB cable and then you can SHARE the contents displayed on your Phone / Tablet (both audio and video) through the Max Karaoke Portable System. Installation of Share APP required for Android®, the WSS feature is compatible with most Android® and Apple® devices but this feature is not guaranteed to work with all devices. You can also try using your USB cable that came with your device if the provided cable doesn't work.

With the WWS feature you can then also stream audio/video content from Karaoke Streaming Services or Apps, or Videos from YouTube or even watch Movies via Netflix, Stan or Foxtel streaming services all through your device via the Max Karaoke.

You also get two UHF Professional Wireless Microphones (670.80Mhz + 690.80Mhz) for either singing or talking and you can record vocals to USB memory stick when talking.

Stream music from your mobile phone or tablet devices via Bluetooth or play MP3 audio files from USB or Micro SD Card.

You can also play any existing CD+G or MP3+G songs by converting your media to the MP4 format using optional software on a Windows PC.

The Max Karaoke is also great for watching movies at home, conference rooms, function rooms or as a multi media player (click Read More for specifications) complete with wireless microphones.

Play your Karaoke downloads in MP4 format from the USB port and we have thousands of songs available online at www.picknmix.com.au (downloads sold separately).


• MAX Karaoke Powered Speaker System - 50 Watts RMS.

• 15" LCD 720P HD Video Screen.

• Microphone Volume and Echo Control and Music Level Control.

• 2 UHF Wireless Microphones (670.80Mhz + 690.80Mhz).

• Screen Share from mobile devices to play through the Max Karaoke System and Sing-Along. (Apple® and Android®)

- USB Cable Provided for Screen Sharing, must also be paired via Bluetooth at the same time to work, Max System will prompt you to download an special App to enable screen sharing to function.

• USB Memory Stick Port and Micro SD Card for Multimedia File Playback.

• Remote Control with L/R (MPX) feature for MP4 Karaoke tracks, so you can switch on / off the cover vocalist.

• Mains Power Adapter with internal Rechargeable Battery.

• AV In and Out enables you to plug in a CD+G / DVD / VCD or MP3+G Karaoke Machine and use the screen and sound system to play through. You can also output the audio to a larger sound system. (Optional A/V Cable)

• Retractable Trolley Pull-along Handle and Wheels.

• Internal Mount for Optional Mini Tripod Stand, to get the unit of the ground.

Optional Karaoke Song Packs:

Scroll below to instantly Download Song Packs suitable for your MAX Karaoke System which start from only $24.99 or get them pre-installed on a USB Memory Stick during the online checkout when you purchase your MAX Karaoke System, many of the song packs feature the Vocal On/Off Feature.

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Audio/Visual (AV) Cable for External Devices
Audio/Visual (AV) Cable for External Devices

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Pack of 5 Coloured Microphone Socks
Pack of 5 Coloured Microphone Socks

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Mini Triod Stand For Max Karaoke System
Mini Triod Stand For Max Karaoke System

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Abraxa 800 Song Ultimate Collection (MPX) on USB
Abraxa 800 Song Ultimate Collection (MPX) on USB


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