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The Sonken DJ Buster MDJ-003 + MP4000 Professional Karaoke Machine (CD+G / DVD / MP3+G) is the next generation Portable Karaoke System with 150 Watts (RMS) music output, which is great for either home or commercial applications.

This unit is a Hybrid System you can use it as Bluetooth Portable Powered Karaoke Speaker, complete with its two Wireless Microphones and stream music via Bluetooth from your mobile devices (Smart Phone or TV and Tablet).

You can even connect a Guitar to jam along, or play digital song files from USB or Micro SD Card , it even has a FM Radio built-in.

It even has an internal rechargeable battery with up to 5 hours playback so this is a truly portable unit or use it on the mains power*.

It even has a Blue LED light effect which can be switched on or off to add some party atmosphere.

Optional pull and carry handle with wheels making it easy to move around can be added to the unit.

The second part of this Hybrid System is the inclusion of the Sonken MP4000 Professional Karaoke Machine which is rack mounted at the top of the DJ Buster System.

Please note you can choose to remove the Sonken MP4000 from this offer if you don't want these extra features, this reduces the price to only $499.99 for the MDJ-003 DJ Buster System.

This addition of the MP4000 gives you the ability to play Karaoke CD+G, DVD, VCD Discs and of course MP3+G Karaoke Downloads, just connect a monitor to view the on-screen lyrics.

The MP4000 is a fully featured machine which even allows you to record your performances when playing CD+G or MP3+G Songs (back to a USB Memory Stick) as well as when streaming via Bluetooth devices.

* MP4000 requires Mains Power to function cannot be powered by the internal battery.

The DJ Buster Portable Karaoke System gives you all the options in one simple to use device, ideal for performers to do personal shows in intimate settings like retirement villages or nursing homes and perfect for home parties and function rooms etc..

Amazing sound reproduction from this compact device which weighs only 18kg.


DJ Buster Portable Karaoke System (Matte Black Timber Finish) with Remote Control.

150W (RMS) Music Power - 2x 6.5" Speakers, 2x 3" Tweeters.

2 Wireless Microphones.

LED (blue box strip) On / Off Light Show.

Microphone and Music Effects.

Guitar Input.

Rechargeable Battery (Up to 5 Hours Playback) or Mains Powered (Adapter Included).

Bluetooth / FM Radio / USB / Micro SD Card (TF) / USB Record

AUX Input (for Sonken MP4000 Karaoke Machine or other devices)

Sonken MP4000 Professional Karaoke Machine, rack mounted complete with AUX Line Audio cable to connect to amplifier. (You can choose to remove the Sonken MP4000 from this offer)

Only 15kg or 18kg with (MP4000 rack mounted) - 51.5 (W) x 27.5 (D) x 42cm (H).

Top Carry handle included as standard.

The only optional extra is the addition of the Pull-along Handle and Wheels.

The Sonken MDJ-003 DJ Buster and has a 12 Month Warranty and the MP4000 Component has a 2 Year Warranty.

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Sorry we have currently sold out
Add On $16.99
Pack of 5 Coloured Microphone Socks
Pack of 5 Coloured Microphone Socks

Sorry we have currently sold out
Add On $49.99
Pull-along Handle and Wheels
Pull-along Handle and Wheels

Sorry we have currently sold out
Add On $29.99
5 Meter HDMI Cable for MP4000
5 Meter HDMI Cable for MP4000

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