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This is the brand new Sonken D-12 Bluetooth Powered Karaoke Speaker with its amazing 90 Watts (RMS) audio output coming from the 12" Woofer and 3" tweeter. The D-12 is presented in a compact 15kg heavy duty timber box which delivers a natural bass sound which is just amazing. The D-12 has been stylishly finished with the high-end front grill and top control backlighted user panel.

Connect your D-12 via Bluetooth from a Smart Phone, TV, PC or Tablet, viewing the on-screen lyrics or video on your device.

Watch the video to see the amazing internal light show this system provides.

We have thousands of professional Karaoke MP4 Songs to download complete with on-screen lyrics and vocal singer on/off assist (MPX) available.

Bluetooth Audio Stream from your Phone/Tablet/Smart TV and Sing-along to Spotify, YouTube.

You can also connect devices like a Karaoke Machine (Sonken MP4000 or Miic Star etc.) using the Stereo RCA Line Input.

You can play MP3 audio songs from USB/SD Card and it's also great for speaking engagements and comes with 2 UHF Wireless Microphones as standard.

It also has a 6.35mm extra microphone input and separate guitar input.

Suitable for indoors and out, as this unit has an internal rechargeable battery for up to 5 hours playback. It comes with a mains power adapter and also supports external 12volt power.

D-12 Features:

  • 12" Woofer & 3" Tweeter 90 Watts (RMS) Music Power Output.
  • 2 UHF Wireless Microphones.
  • Mains Power and up to 5 Hour Rechargeable Battery.
  • LED Party Lights (On/Off Switch).
  • Music / Microphone / Echo / Echo Delay / Guitar / Volume Controls.
  • 5 Band Graphic Equalizer.
  • Bluetooth, MP3 (USB / SD Card), Aux (RCA Audio Line Input).
  • Microphone Priority Switch.
  • 1x 6.35mm Microphone Input.
  • 1x 6.35mm Guitar Input.
  • 12 Volt External Power.
  • Portable 15kg unit - 39cm (W) 39cm (D) 60cm (H)
    or (92cm with Carry Handle Up).
  • 12 Months Warranty.
  • Free Shipping in Australia.

Pictured Smart TV / Tablet / Phones are not included.

Smart TV Connection: If you want to use your Smart TV to play YouTube Videos and connect to the D-12 Powered Speaker you will require the Digital to Analog Converter only if your Smart TV doesn't have the following (1) an RCA Stereo L+R (Analog) audio output, (2) Head phone jack, (3) TV has Bluetooth.

Otherwise you will need to purchase the Digital to Analog Converter Box which is powered by USB and converts Optical or Coaxial audio output from your Smart TV to RCA Stereo L+R (Analog) so it can connect to the Line input on the D-12 Powered Speaker so you can sing-along.

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Sorry we have currently sold out
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Sorry we have currently sold out
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