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The Sonken WM-800D is the very latest UHF Dual Channel (555.80Mhz + 523.80Mhz) Professional Wireless Microphones with Digital Frequency Display on the Microphone and Receiver Unit.

Great for Karaoke, Musicians, Vocalists, Public Speaking, Live Touring, Mobile DJs, Fitness Training and Large Clubs.

Each microphone has a digital display listing the frequency being used, you also have a mute button on each microphone as well as a on/off switch. Each Wireless Microphone is made out of high grade aluminum and each takes 2x AA batteries - 4x included) lasting 6 hours.

The durable aluminum receiver unit has individual microphone volume controls and dual signal level indicators and an on/off power button.

You can connect the Sonken WM-800D unit directly to either your Karaoke Machine or Karaoke Amplifier microphone input using the Sonken's WM-800D mixed 6.35mm microphone output jack (1x cable included) it also has for each microphone independent (A+B) balanced output jacks.

Sonken UHF Wireless Microphones have a 12 Month Warranty and are 100% Australian Government Frequency Compliant.

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Pack of 5 Coloured Microphone Socks
Pack of 5 Coloured Microphone Socks

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Pack of 4 Anti-Roll Microphone Stands
Pack of 4 Anti-Roll Microphone Stands


This Head Set and Body Pack (555.80Mhz or 523.80Mhz Frequencies Available**) enables you to be hands free, however you can still only use any two microphones at the same time, suitable for Sonken 500R / 600D-5 / 700D-5 / 800D Series Wireless Microphones.

** Please call or email if you require a specific frequency, if two sets are ordered you will receive one of each frequency (subject to availability).

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Delivered Australia wide

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