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CLASSIC HITS KARAOKE PLAYER PACK - SONKEN MP600 by khe.com.au - 1300 550 630

Step back in time with songs from the 1930's, 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's.

This Classic Hits Pack deal includes...

  • Sonken MP600 Karaoke Player with two microphone inputs, connect to any TV for on-screen lyrics.

  • 280 Classic Karaoke Songs on 2 DVDs from the 1930's, 40's, 50's and 60's and 70's Volume 1.

  • Connects to any TV for on-screen lyrics using the standard RCA (Red / White / Yellow) AV Cable.

    The price has been kept super low, just add your choice of microphones to complete the system, unless you already have microphones of course, then you're good to go...

    During checkout, choose from two Basic Microphones with 2 metre cables or upgrade to two SM-58 Professional Series Wired Microphones which sound much better and are very durable, they also have a 5 metre cable giving you more room to move around.

    But of course if you want the ultimate in portability then step it up and go Professional Wireless which includes two UHF hand held microphones and the wireless receiver unit.

    Now if you don't have a sound system to connect this karaoke unit too and you want better sound over that of your TV we would recommend the T-08 Powered Amplified Speaker (Available in Blue, Black or Silver) with its amazing 25 Watt Powered Speaker which comes complete with 2 Wireless Microphones, it's mains power or use it with it's rechargeable battery with and LED light show.

    You can also use the T-08 as a Public Address device for other functions or just to listen to music.

    The T-08 Powered Speaker even has Bluetooth so you can stream your music from your phone or tablet device, FM Radio or play MP3 songs from USB or the SD Card. Bonus carry strap and remote control also included.

    Just so you know we don't recommend connecting any karaoke system to a sound bar, a home theatre system is ok providing you can select 2 channel stereo and are not using small satellite speakers.

    We even have bigger options for sound like the 50 Watt Q-210 Powered Speaker or dedicated Karaoke Mixing Amplifiers and Speaker deals from $499.99 for 200 Watts.

    During the checkout process we offer you the option to have all your songs on USB memory stick for simplicity of playback, that means no disc swapping.

    You can even print yourself a song book which will list all the songs on the USB, all you have to do is key the song number to play the song. You can even record and playback your singing performance.

    Plug and sing, everything you need is here to get your party started, just add your microphones.

    Exclusive KHE.com.au - 2 Year Australian Warranty.

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    2x Basic Wired Microphones (2m cables)
    2x Basic Wired Microphones (2m cables)

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    Add On $69.99
    2x Professional Wired Microphones (5m cables)
    2x Professional Wired Microphones (5m cables)

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    Add On $149.99
    2x Pro Wireless Microphones
    2x Pro Wireless Microphones

    CLASSIC HITS KARAOKE PLAYER PACK - SONKEN MP600 by khe.com.au - 1300 550 630

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