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So what is MP3+G?

MP3+G is very similar to the very popular CD+G disc based format, in fact you will not be able to tell the difference between the two when played.

Most if not all MP3+G songs are derived from the normal CD+G song library, MP3+G is today's digital equivalent to CD+G, enabling you more flexibility and access to your library of songs, and being digital makes disc swapping a thing of the past.

That means you'll able to have thousands of songs stored on an USB memory stick or hard drive unit making it super-fast to select and manage your songs.

Unlike most times when you upgrade to a new format the past comes along for the ride by converting your entire library of CD+G discs into modern MP3+G song files.

Now all the current disc based Karaoke Machines that
Karaoke Home Entertainment has can convert your CD+G discs into a modern MP3+G digital songs which is great, but that process can be a time consuming and fiddly task.

Click this link if you would like to use your
Windows® based PC to speed up the whole CD+G to MP3+G conversion process, and make your life much much simpler.

Looking for the best range of MP3+G Karaoke Songs, then check out the links below.

Laptop Karaoke System
PCDJ Karaoki Hosting Software
Installed on a Windows® Laptop for MP3+G playback.

Sonken MP-4000
Sonken MP4000 Professional Karaoke Machine CD+G, DVD, MP3+G Compatible.

Miic Star MS-62 Karaoke System

The Miic Star MS-62 Karaoke System
All-In-One Karaoke System
With MP3+G Playback Technology.

CD+G KaraokeWhat is CD+G?
CD+G also known as CD+Graphics has the largest range of Karaoke songs available in the world today.

These discs can be played in a normal CD player but no on-screen lyrics will be visible. CD+G is the professionals choice in Karaoke and if the song isn't on CD+G it probably hasn't been produced for Karaoke.

The CD+G library of songs features well over 80,000 English songs from the 1930's to today's latest hit songs and are the best quality discs having been produced by a band in the style of the original version. CD+G discs also feature chorus line backing vocals if the original version featured them. All vocals are cover versions.

Some CD+Graphics discs feature two versions of the song on the same disc, one is called a (Karaoke Version) which features the songs music with some chorus line backing vocals and the other track is the (Vocal Version) which features both the songs music with lead and chorus line vocals. Where only one track of each song is present it is the (Karaoke Version).

We also have Multiplex discs/songs which enable you to switch on/off the lead vocal during playback.

There is no video clip on a CD+G (or MP3+G), only a colored background along with the scrolling song lyrics which highlight in time to the music.

Laptop Karaoke System
Professional PCDJ Karaoki Software

Ideal for Karaoke MP3+G Playback for venues.

Why use MP3+G?

MP3+G is easy to play, just like the CD+G you can even buy MP3+G songs on download. By converting your CD+G discs to MP3+G song files you can store all your songs a USB Memory Stick, Hard Drive even Media Cards for playback through a Karaoke Machine which has the MP3+G playback feature. That enables you have all your songs in one place without the need to continually swapping discs so you can quickly search for and play your songs.

The Series 2 MP-1000 model (Released August 2011) let you store up to 3000 songs on a 16GB (Max) Memory Stick or SD Card, the storage size was increased to 32GB for the Sonken MP-2000 (Released December 2014) and successor
Sonken MP-4000 (Released December 2017) except these models can also run an external Hard Drive up to 1TB expanding (only with external power supply) which allows up to 5000 songs storage, the Sonken MP600 (Finished Model Dec 2018) can run a maximum of an 8GB USB like its predecessor the MP-500.

Extra Technical Information.

MP3's are compressed music files that have CD quality music stored in a small file size. MP3+G's consists of two files (.mp3 & .cdg) that must have the same file name, with different file extensions to work. During playback the two files are paired up playing the music with lyrics (+G Graphics) shown on a display.

MP3+G capable players, machines and software.

Ok so your sold on the format MP3+G and let's face it, it's the future, and the best part is you can own it today. Check out our great range of MP3+G compatible devices at and

We have for the home or for professional use the
Sonken MP-4000 Karaoke Machine which enables you to have all the benefits of MP3+G plus the ability to still play all Karaoke media discs like CD+G/DVD/VCD/MP-3 and play songs off USB portable drives, this machine has a built in decoder so you simply insert your CD+G and it will transform it to MP3+G for you in real time or if you have a large library to convert from CD+G to MP3+G we recommend you use the Free Windows® based PC programs.
Miic Star MS-62 Karaoke System
The Miic Star MS-62 Karaoke System
All-In-One Karaoke System
With MP3+G Playback Technology.
We also have a portable Karaoke System The Miic Star which runs MP3+G or MP4 songs from the internal SD memory card.

Its a great way to take your Karaoke with you and very popular with limousine operators being a self contained device and you can even have other langauges like; Chinese, Philippines, Indonesian, Spanish, Hindi, Japanese and Vietnamese preloaded.

We also have computer software programs so you can run Karaoke and DJ shows on your Notebook/Laptop using
PCDJ Karaoki or RED Mobile.
PCDJ Karaoki Beginners Guide
MP3+G Karaoke

Two powerful hosting solutions for Karaoke and DJ music playback, both are MP3+G compatible and Red Mobile is also Apple Mac® compatible.

Windows Only
PCDJ Karaoki - Click To Learn More
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PCDJ Karaoki Free Trial Period
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Windows / Mac
PCDJ Red Mobile 2 - Click To Learn More
Click To Learn More
PCDJ Red Mobile 2 Free Trial Period
Instant Free Trial Period Where the fun begins...

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