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By khe.com.au - 1300 550 630

Magic Sing
Miic Star

The History Of Magic Sing
and verdict on this new comer

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ENGLISH SPECIAL EDITION - 23KH MAGIC SING KARAOKE by khe.com.au - 1300 550 630

1/9/2018 - SOLD OUT - FINISHED MODEL - NEW MODEL COMING IN 2019 - We recommend looking at the new model from Miic Star which is not only cheaper but has more features, more songs, higher quality songs, vocal on / off for all English Songs and much more..

The Magic Sing ET-23KH English Special Edition comes pre-loaded with 5,145 songs and with 2 Wireless Microphones.

You get 3,711 English songs making for a fantastic party mix with something for everyone, the classics are there along with lots of modern songs from artists like; Guy Sebastian, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Michael Jackson, Carly Rae Jepsen, Adele, Pink and many others.

The remaining songs included are made up of 1,434 Philippines / Tagalog Songs, even if these songs are not of interest to you still get an extra 1,609 over that of the standard English Edition model.

You can expand the music selection by purchasing either Magic Sing pre-load song chips or you can purchase MP3+G Song Downloads and play them from a USB memory stick.

Connect the ET-23KH via the standard RCA (Red / White / Yellow) audiovisual cable or HDMI High Definition cable for HD Televisions.

Want better sound at home over that of your television?

Then consider using a Powered Speaker or a Karaoke Mixing Amplifier and Speakers Package for that great venue sound at home, but will only work on RCA (Red / White / Yellow) cannot use HDMI connection with these external devices.

You can even use your home theatre for improved sound reproduction on 2 channel stereo mode, but sound bars are not recommended. (See Tip 13)


ET-23KH English Special Edition Karaoke System with MP3+G song download playback feature
2 Wireless Microphones

Song Book & Folder < click to view included songs

HDMI Cable & UHD 4K Television Compatible
RCA Cable
Remote Control
Deluxe Carry Case
Australian Power Supply


MP3+G Playback Technology
HDMI Connectivity
Multiplex (Live, Vocal, Chorus) - 22 Multiplex Songs
35 Extra Songs inbuilt for Australia
USB Port for Memory Stick
5 Games
On Screen Musical Notation
Advanced Song Search
Copy video content on to USB Memory Stick for moving background
Jump (Prelude/Interlude)

Expand your song library purchasing Song Chips or MP3+G Song Downloads.

Get 10 Free Songs when you leave us your review!

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Sorry we have currently sold out
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Delivered Australia wide

Sorry we have currently sold out
Add On $16.99
Pack of 5 Coloured Microphone Socks
Pack of 5 Coloured Microphone Socks

Sorry we have currently sold out
Add On $69.99
1573 Spanish Songs
View songs included
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Sorry we have currently sold out
Add On $69.99
500 Japanese Songs
View songs included
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