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The LED-Dance is a bright and colourful light effect that emits coloured beams and an ambient glow from the clear patterned dome.

This effect can be placed on any flat surface or mounted via the 2 mounting ears located on the bottom of the fixture.

•Super bright LEDs
•Red, Green, and Blue beam colours
•180° spread
•Sound active and auto modes
•Light weight design
•Fast light rotation speed

LED Power: 3x 1Watt LEDs
LED Lifespan: 20,000 hours
Operation Modes: Sound Active, AUTO
Input Voltage: 240V AC / 50Hz
Dimensions: 185 x 185 x 150mm
Weight: 0.5kg

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This brand new laser light will add that extra special effect to your disco lighting! Extremely bright red and green laser shooting out more than 500 beams in a multi-point effect.

Covering a wide angle of over 40-degrees, this small and lightweight laser light is an essential addition to your lighting effects!

One of our best and most popular products and a great bargain at this price.

•50mW green, 160mW red lasers
•3 Operation Modes; On, Strobe, and Sound Activated
•Metallic Blue Colour
•Compact, robust design
•Low power consumption
•Easy to operate
•Awesome multi-point light effect
•Sound activation and auto modes
•Mounting bracket supplied

10W Power Consumption
45° Scanning Angle
High Speed Step Motor Drive
Long Life Diodes
Working Environment temp: 15°C – 35°C

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The LED Puck Light is super bright and can be DMX controlled or just select how it is to perform from the control panel.

Many people use this on the sound active mode and then it will display many different patterns in time to the music.

•RGBA color mixing via 144x high-power 10mm Red/Green/Blue/Amber LEDs
•Variable electronic strobe
•Variable electronic dimmer (0 – 100%)
•DMX Channel Mode: 4 and 7
•Built-in chase macros via DMX
•Full RGBA color mixing in Standalone, Master/Slave and DMX modes.
•Built-in automated programs via master/slave
•Built-in sound activated programs via master/slave
•Easy-to-use LED control panel
•Running hours display
•Rugged all-metal case with dual mounting yokes
•IEC power in and daisy chain connections to connect additional units
•Rear connections and control panel are strategically placed to allow usage in ANY position, including flat on the floor
•Two-piece mounting yoke allows flexibility in positioning

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BEAMZ 2-SOME DUAL LED DJ EFFECT LIGHT by khe.com.au - 1300 550 630
This 2-Some LED light effect set contains 2 LED Moonflower units and is easy to install due to the included T-bar.

The 2 units can be positioned separately and create beautiful light shows.

The units have 114 RGBW LEDs for high light output and is able to project beautiful figures.

For easy use the units can also work with built-in automatic programs or they can be sound controlled. The T-bar fits onto every 35mm stand which makes this 2-Some light effect set your perfect choice for on the road applications.

•2 LED units in one set
•Each unit can be positioned separately
•Adjustable program speed
•Adjustable sound sensitivity
•High light output
•Easy to install and use

No. of LEDs: 114 LEDs RGBW (18x white, 24x red, 36x green and 36x blue)
Flash rate per second: 0-20
Power supply: 230Vac – 50Hz
Consumption: 20W
Dimensions: 430 x 110 x 410mm
Weight: 3.25kg

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BEAMZ 2-SOME DUAL LED DJ EFFECT LIGHT by khe.com.au - 1300 550 630
Optional Tripod Stand. (Sold Separately)


The Beamz LS180-Truss is a portable trussing system for mobile performers such as DJs, Bands, presenters, etc.

The systems also for flexible set-ups by the inclusion of 2 T-bar attachments for the tripod stands allowing you to set you lights up in smaller spaces.

The lighting system allows you to fit up to 12 lighting fixtures and will support up to 60kg (distributed weight load).

The Beamz LS180-Truss is a heavy duty tri-trussing bridge kit that spans 3m and can reach an impressive 3.9m max height.

Collapsible for easy transport making it ideal for mobile DJs, and gigging bands.

•Flexible set-up options
•60kg max weight load (distributed)
•3m Truss span
•Truss bar with pre-drilled holes and mounting hardware
•Max Height 3.8m
•Stable tripod with locking system

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