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This is the Sonken Multi Language Karaoke Machine, which can also play Karaoke CD+G, DVD and VCD discs.

This unit has 2 microphone inputs with echo plus you can alter the Key, Tempo, Melody of the song.

Connects to any TV using included RCA Video Cables and comes with remote control so you can select the songs. World zoned all region DVD movie player.

Total of 35,503 songs included: Philippines (3341), Chinese (12102), Chinese {Cantonese} (252), Korean (8634), Hindi (593), Indonesian (1326), Thai (9000) and Vietnamese (255) songs.

You get two wired microphones with 2m cables so you can sing together with your friends, you might want to take advantage of our Professional Wired Microphone upgrade with improved vocal performance and lengthy 5 meter cable.

3 song books are included for Chinese, Korean, Hindi, Indonesian and Thai, all songs can be selected via the on-screen menu. PDF song books can be provided for Philippines/Chinese (Disc) and Vietnamese (Disc) songs upon request which can be emailed to you.

Want better sound over that of your TV ? Then consider adding a Karaoke Powered Speaker like the pictured T-08 unit and connect the audio through this and sing-along with the included two wireless microphones and then you would connect the video cable to your TV for the on-screen lyrics.

Or you could build yourself a complete system by adding a Karaoke Mixing Amplifier and Speakers like the Sonken KA-11 Karaoke Mixing Amplifier and CS-450 Speakers complete with bonus 6 meters cable for the ultimate home entertainment system.

Plug and sing, everything you need is here to get your party started.

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Delivered Australia wide

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Extra $49.99
Upgrade to 2x Pro Wired Microphones
Upgrade to 2x Pro Wired Microphones

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Add On $169.99
2x Professional Wireless Microphones
2x Professional Wireless Microphones

SONKEN MULTI-LANGUAGE KARAOKE SYSTEM by khe.com.au - 1300 550 630

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