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VIETNAMESE HARD DRIVE KARAOKE SYSTEM 17,300 SONGS by khe.com.au - 1300 550 630

This is a 1.5TB Hard Drive Karaoke System which has 17,300 Vietnamese songs in-built on the Hard Drive ready to play.

You also get a song book so you can select your songs, all 17,300 songs feature on/off vocal for the singer so you can either sing along with them or do a solo performance.

You can also select to have 6362 Chinese/Cantonese/Taiwanese Songs included for only $99.99 extra, when you select this option you will receive a larger capacity 2TB Hard Drive system.

You can view the included songs here for: Cantonese, Mandarin and Taiwanese.

Please Note: The 6362 Chinese/Cantonese/Taiwanese Songs cannot be provided later as they come pre-installed from the factory and you will receive either the 1.5TB (Vietnamese Only) or 2.0TB (Vietnamese/Chinese) Hard Drive System depending on which option you order.

This HDD Karaoke System doesn't have microphone inputs so you will need some where to connect microphones in to so you can sing-along.

You have a couple of options, you could purchase a Karaoke Powered Speaker like the T-08 unit and connect the audio through this and sing-along with the included two wireless microphones and then you would connect the video cable to your TV for the on-screen lyrics.

If you want to use your existing Home Theatre System you can do this also but will need to purchase a Karaoke Mixer unit which connects in between the Karaoke Hard Drive System and your Home Theatre System.

This Karaoke Mixer will then give you 3 microphone inputs for wired or wireless microphones, complete with all the mixing features for music, microphone echo and delay effects all through your existing Home Theatre System.

Otherwise we have dedicated Karaoke Mixing Amplifier and Speakers package deals available.

Not sure then please ask us or read more in our free Karaoke Buyers Guide.

Connects to any TV using included RCA Video Cables, Component, S-VHS, HDMI or VGA and comes with remote control so you can select the songs.

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2TB HDD with additional 6362 Chinese Karaoke Songs
2TB HDD with additional 6362 Chinese Karaoke Songs

VIETNAMESE HARD DRIVE KARAOKE SYSTEM 17,300 SONGS by khe.com.au - 1300 550 630

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