Free Wireless Microphones with purchase of Sonken SA-710 Mixing Amplifier - Karaoke Home Entertainment

Purchase the Sonken SA-710 Mixing Amplifier on its own or in a packaged deal (with speakers etc) from KHE and you will get the Sonken WM-800D Wireless Microphones for Free!

That's a $349.99 Bonus Value !

Offer Starts 12/6/2024 and extended until 31st July 2024.

During the online checkout in the comments section type in "FREE WM-800D" and we will include it for FREE with your order, cannot be claimed afterwards.

Sonken Home Karaoke Studio Package Deal (KA-13 Amp + CS-450 (10") Speakers + WM-800D Wireless Mics + SK9018PLUS Vietnamese HDD) - Karaoke Home Entertainment

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