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A common question at Karaoke Home Entertainment (KHE) is, ďDo you have any other brands other than Sonken?Ē

Itís a valid question in todayís world because we all like to be assured we are getting the best value for money and features when we make a purchase, so comparing brands is a common thing to do.

The simple answer is yes we do, though you donít see them all necessarily, they are here. So I thought I would talk about why the majority of our products are branded Sonken.

There are a lot of different karaoke machines and equipment out in the world offering all sorts of features and benefits, and they are released under many different brands too. It is a common occurrence to have one machine sold in the United States, Europe and Australia under three or more different brand names, yet they are all coming from the same factory.

So immediately there is a perception that there are three or more alternatives competing for the consumerís interest, when there is only one.

Together with Sonken we search the world for these products and then vigorously test the manufactures claims for not only ease of use, practical features but most importantly reliability, long before a new product appears on our website or in our retail stores for sale.

Reliability is paramount to us because we want our customers to have fun, and not problems.

We have had samples arrive which are sold overseas under other well-known brands which have never worked straight out of the box. Some donít even come close to doing what is advertised on the box.

It can be a long drawn out process to get the right balance and value for money for our customers.

One of our top selling players was the Sonken MP-1000 Professional Karaoke Machine (Series 1 and 2), we work hand in hand with the factory to ensure we get the features and specifications correct. The Sonken player also sold in Europe as the Sunfly PRO-888 Karaoke Player and has to be one of the most reliable players we have ever sold.

KHE are the Australian distributors for Sunfly Karaoke and when it came time for Sunfly in the United Kingdom (UK) to get a replacement for their PRO-88 Karaoke Machine they turned to KHE and Sonken for help and together we helped them launch our MP-1000 player in Europe as the Sunfly PRO-888 Karaoke Player.

In Australia we have sold well over 2000 units since launched in December 2009, it is also the most compatible of any player on the market, this unit plays all the formats going around and is 100% compatible with MP3+G format and custom karaoke CD+G and DVD.

In November 2014 we launch our next generation Sonken MP-2000 Karaoke Machine which replaced the very popular MP-1000 with new features like HDMI audio/video connectivity, 4x faster CD+G to MP3+G ripping and improved USB memory stick performance for faster loading of your songs in MP3+G format, ability to connect an external hard drive for greater song storage of up to 1TB (external power supply required), complete with a built-in song book generator saving you the need to manually type out your songs and it gives you a direct access song number for each song too easy!

In December 2017 we have improved upon the popular model again by releasing the
Sonken MP-4000 Karaoke Machine now in an all metal case making it really tough plus we added 2 additional microphone sockets on the rear which is perfect for when using Wireless Microphones and finished it off by adding Bluetooth connectivity so you can stream audio and even record the vocal and music to USB memory stick. This Bluetooth connectivity means you can also now use Karaoke APP's with the new Sonken MP-4000 machine.

Some karaoke machines/players have issues with custom karaoke discs, these manufactures just havenít done their homework, their firmware is long out of date and just not up todays current optical standards, and that gives them playback errors, our players also playback MP3+G songs from USB or SD card.

KHE runs Australiaís largest custom karaoke content web site and this means you can select your own songs from a growing range of 80,654 songs as of Thursday May. 24, 2018.

So you can get just the songs you want to sing on a disc format of your choice, this process saves you purchasing ten discs to get the ten specific songs you want. All our players are guaranteed to play any karaoke CD+G or DVD disc be it factory pressed or custom made or digital download in MP3+G.

The MP-1000 was the first machine in the world to have MP3+G technology and since it was introduced we have incorporated this MP3+G module into other products to offer our customers more flexibility than ever before possible. See to learn more about MP3+G.

Our direct relationship with the factory ensures we can give customer feedback and get firmware software upgrades and improvements fast.

Our newest machine the
Sonken MP-600 Karaoke Machine which will be available at the end of January 2013 is the follow up to the popular model MP-500 released November 2011. The MP-500 and MP-600 models are the little brothers to the MP-1/2000, the MP-500 was marketed in the United States as Emerson, but with the MP-600 we now have our own unique look and all our custom tweaks, firmware updates and improvements we made for the MP-500 are included in the MP-600 complete with a fresh new look, plus in 2017 we made available a firmware upgrade so you can generate a song book with unique numbers for each song, making playback of your MP3+G songs easy, just enter the song number to play the song back.

Like Karaoke Home Entertainment, Sonken is a 100% Australian owned and operated company, Sonken is based in Sydney, and has a growing range of ďAV, DJ, Lighting and KaraokeĒ products which KHE is proud to offer in its retail stores in Melbourne and Perth.

All Sonken products have at least a 12 month return to base warranty and there service centre is located in Ashfield/Sydney, some models like the MP600 and MP4000 feature a 2 year exclusive KHE Warranty.

One thing is very true should you ever experience problems they will be dealt with professionally and superfast, in fact most issues are fixed the same day they arrive, meaning you will be enjoying your Sonken product in no time at all.

We are so confident in the products we source, we know our customers will be happy for many years to come, no other machines are 100% compatible like ours so donít risk it and most importantly no other karaoke machines sold in Australia have this level of service behind them including the availability of spare parts.

After sales service and support is paramount not only for Sonken but us at Karaoke Home Entertainment too. It takes centre stage in everything we do, and thatís why we have been working with Sonken since 2005 searching the world for the very best karaoke equipment available today and making them all available under the Sonken umbrella.

In late 2017 our range expanded to include a host of new models including the already popular Bluetooth Portable Karaoke Speakers from T-5, T-08, C-12 and Q-210 Series all which include 2 Wireless Microphones (Except T-5 Single Microphone) but are designed for working with Karaoke App's, You Tube and the like so you can sing-along on your mobile devices streaming the audio through these devices. They also feature FM Radio, Rechargeable Battery, some have fun LED party Lights, SD and USB Memory Card slots for MP3 audio playback.

And coming out February 2018 is the All-In-One
MAX Karaoke System, with it's 15" LCD Screen, Powerful Amplifier and Speaker System, Bluetooth Streaming, 2 Wireless Microphones and Mains or Rechargeable Battery so you can take your Karaoke anywhere and play Karaoke MP4 songs from a USB Memory Stick and even switch on or off the cover vocalist with the Multiplex audio feature.

Please feel free to discuss your requirements with our friendly staff in store or by calling on 1300 550 630 or visiting a store in Melbourne or Perth (

Sonken Karaoke equipment is also sold through our New Zealand Karaoke Store website though all lines are not available due to shipping costs.

Dealer enquires welcome through
KHE Direct, and make sure you check out our YouTube Channel for Sonken product videos.

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