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The Sonken C-12 is a Powered Karaoke Speaker (100 Watts RMS) which enables you to stream audio via Bluetooth from a Smart Phone, TV, PC or Tablet, viewing the on-screen lyrics or video on your device.

You can also connect devices like a Karaoke Machine (Sonken MP600 / 4000 or Miic Star etc.) using the Stereo 3.5mm Line Input.

Play MP3 audio songs from USB, SD Card or simply listen to FM Radio.

The C-12 comes with 2 Wireless Microphones as standard and is the only model in our range which can also have the optional Head Set Microphone and Wireless Body Pack. This enables you be hands free which is great for speaking engagements and you can still use one Hand Held Wireless Microphone at the same time.

You can even record your vocals to USB Memory Stick.

Suitable for indoors and out, as this unit has an internal rechargeable battery for up to 5 hours playback. It comes with a mains power adapter and remote control.

Purchase professional Karaoke MP4 Songs complete with on-screen lyrics and vocal singer on/off assist. You can also subscribe to Stream Karaoke via your internet enabled device or simply play and sing-along to YouTube Videos on your device.

C-12 Features:

  • 100 Watts (RMS) Music Power Output.
  • 2 Wireless Microphones, 1x Wired Microphone Input (6.35mm).
  • Mains Power and up to 5 Hour Rechargeable battery, also supports 12 Volt DC.
  • Music / Microphone / Bass / Treble and Echo Volume Controls.
  • Bluetooth, MP3 (USB, Micro SD), Aux (3.5mm Line In).
  • Stereo Audio Output (RCA).
  • FM Radio.
  • USB Vocal Record.
  • Remote Control.
  • Portable 9kg unit with Wheels, Carry and Pull Handles - 38cm (W) 30cm (D) 60cm (H).
  • 12 Months Warranty.

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Add On $14.99
Pack of 5 Coloured Microphone Socks
Pack of 5 Coloured Microphone Socks

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Add On $49.99
1x Wireless Headset/Body Pack Microphone
1x Wireless Headset/Body Pack Microphone

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Extra $9.99
Connect a Karaoke Machine Line to RCA Cable
Connect a Karaoke Machine Line to RCA Cable

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Extra $49.99
Mini Tripod Stand for C-12 Speaker
Mini Tripod Stand for C-12 Speaker

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