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This is a full component sized Karaoke Microphone Mixer / Converter, designed to connect to your existing Amplifier which doesn't have microphone inputs.

It connects using the stereo audio (RCA) cables and sits in-between your DVD Player and Amplifier. It has an extra microphone input over the standard converter and more controls to improve the vocal experience.

3 Microphone Inputs (6.35mm Jack).
3 Individual Microphone Volume Controls.
1 Microphone Base Control.
1 Microphone Treble Control.
1 Microphone Echo Control.
1 Microphone Echo Delay Control.
1 Music Volume Control.
1 Master Microphone Volume Control.
1 Music Tone Bass Control.
1 Music Tone Treble Control.
2 Inputs DVD and AUX.

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Pack of 5 Coloured Microphone Socks
Pack of 5 Coloured Microphone Socks

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2x Professional Wired Microphones (5m cable)
2x Professional Wired Microphones (5m cable)

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2x Professional Wireless Microphones
2x Professional Wireless Microphones

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