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PRO LAPTOP + PCDJ KARAOKI + 2,838 SONGS by - 1300 550 630
PRO LAPTOP + PCDJ KARAOKI + 2,838 SONGS - $2,399.99
This is a ready to play out of the box Asus 15.6" Professional Laptop with Windows 10 Operating System, Fast i5 Intel Processor, with minimum 4GB Memory and 1TB Hard Drive to store your songs.

You also get a Line to RCA stereo cable so you can output the sound through an amplifier and speaker system. You will either need a VGA cable or HDMI cable if you want to output the video (karaoke lyrics) for the singers to a 2nd screen.

With this deal we professionally install the PCDJ Karaoki hosting software and register it for you, plus we correctly install 2,838 Sunfly Karaoke Premium songs.

You get an amazing range of songs covering all eras and genres from the worlds best karaoke provider. We even give you the original 204 karaoke CD+G discs for licensing purposes.

You also get our step-by-step "Beginners Guide" so you can professionally install your songs and configure them correctly, plus our "10 Minute Expert Guide" on how to convert CDG's into MP3G.

The PCDJ Karaoki Software & Asus Notebook (1 Year Warranty), including all supplied song content cannot be returned under any circumstances, due to copyright law. All discs supplied must be retained for licensing to be valid.

Try a Free 14 day trial of PCDJ Karaoki before you buy.

Have your own laptop already? Then deduct the laptop from this deal and get everything else listed here so you can self install on your own laptop.

Get 10 Free Songs when you leave us your review!

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Add On $29.99
5 Meter HDMI Audio Visual Cable
5 Meter HDMI Audio Visual Cable

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Add On $299.99
Add 3,702 (Multiplex) Songs From NuTech
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PCDJ Host + Songs Only - BYO Laptop
PCDJ Host + Songs Only - BYO Laptop

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