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The Essential Karaoke Buyers Guide 2017 The Essential Karaoke Buyers Guide 2017
features all this...

The 4 Mistakes People Make When Buying a Karaoke Machine

It doesn't take much at all to be on the wrong path,
an absolute must read!

Getting Started in Karaoke

A common question we get asked all the time,
what do I need to get started?

Tip # 1... Buying The Right Karaoke Machine

What constitutes the right machine for you?

Here we ask you 3 important questions that will help define the best solution for you.

Tip # 2... Karaoke Formats, Songs + Multiplex

Didn't you know, there is more than one type of Karaoke?

Which song format do you pick and why?

And we explain Multiplex, it's not a dirty word either!

Tip # 3... Record Your Singing + Changing Key

Record your singing performance on which machines and changing the song key to suit explained.

Tip # 4... Karaoke Video Clips

What do you see on the TV Screen anyway's, don't assume, know!

Tip # 5... Song Downloads + HD Karaoke

Extremely important to get this right otherwise you just might not be able to enjoy this type of service as not all machines can.

Tip # 6... Creating a Karaoke Song Book

Some karaoke systems can even create a song book for you, great for parties, just key a number to play the song, so fast!

Tip # 7... Converting CD+G Songs to Digital MP3+G Songs

Bring your older discs along and upgrade them to the very latest digital tracks, we show you how.

Tip # 8... Karaoke on your DVD Player

It is possible, and we have several options to show you, great for a little karaoke fun using your home DVD player.

Tip # 9... All-In-One Karaoke Systems

Take your karaoke with you, we tell you which systems can do what and not.

Tip # 10... Wireless Microphones

Run loose, free as a bird, go wireless, we have some really clever options you might not have thought of.

Tip # 11... Magic Sing & Miic Star Systems

Two similar looking karaoke systems but vastly different at the same time, one a cult like classic, the later the new kid on the block!

If you've heard of the classic then you must read our detailed summary on both systems!

Tip # 12... Connecting your Karaoke Machine

Don't stress we have you covered, all your questions will be answered and we have plenty you haven't even thought of yet too.

Our simple how to connect guides will get you singing in minutes and we even talk about what not to do or use.

Tip # 13... Karaoke Amplifiers and Speakers

Here we talk about how best to go about using your existing home theatre system or if you should get a dedicated amplifier and speaker system.

We also have 3 pages in the Buyers Guide Summary section dedicated to explaining Amplifiers and Speakers and which might best suit your needs, if you want to go down this path.

Tip # 14... Powered Speakers

An amazing option for karaoke,
that many people just don't know about.

Tip # 15... Sing-along devices for the Kids

Ok, so you're thinking of something simple and fun for the Kids, yes we have that covered here too.

Tip # 16... Make a Purchase in Confidence

Even if you picked the wrong unit, which is unlikely once you have finished reading this guide, we have you covered with our shopping confidence guarantees.

What’s Best for Me?

A short summarized position based on the 16 Tips, highlighting the main things to look for and why.

Detailed Buyers Guide Summary

16 pages in this section as we go in-depth into every model we sell, featuring all the pro's and con's so you can make an informed purchase decision.

Customer Reviews + Free Downloads

Don't take our word for it, read what others have to say!

...and we have some free downloads on offer!

The Essential Karaoke Buyers Guide 2017

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